Jason.Endgame. Part I

The next chapter in the Friday the 13th universe.

Jason.Endgame. Part I

The Cabin

The car approaches the isolated cabin at Camp Crystal Lake. Most of the cabins have been condemned, but the former owner kept this cabin in good shape as a getaway for himself. Kyle’s dad purchased the camp a few years back intending to reopen it, but then died of cancer. Kyle inherited it and has used it as a getaway to take girls or sometimes for himself to get away.

He hasn’t taken Lucy to the cabin before, but now is definitely the time. Lucy lost her father four weeks ago and committed her mother two weeks later. Feeling on the brink of insanity herself, Lucy asked Kyle to help her. The cabin seemed like the best place for her to find some peace. Kyle also secretly hoped this time away would put Lucy back in a romantic mood.

“Here it is, babe. What do you think?” Kyle asks.

Lucy replied, “So, this is the one that was kept up?”

“C’mon, it isn’t that bad. It needs a little work.”

“A little?”

“I don’t get up here that often so it has gotten a little rundown. Maybe I can do some work on it while we are here.”

“It’s okay. I don’t really care. As long as the bed is decent.”

The two get out of the car and enter the cabin. The interior is considerably better. Lucy noticed the pine smell right away, which made the entire cabin smell refreshing.

“You’ll see. This is going to be the perfect place to recov…” Kyle says.

Lucy’s look at Kyle cuts deep into his heart as he realizes his mistake. Lucy isn’t in “recovery” or doesn’t want to be treated as such. She is grieving. The fact that she had a brief stint with anti-depressants that led to her recent suicide attempt doesn’t mean she is in recovery. Which is exactly what she told Kyle only two days ago. How dare he let the “R” word slip.

Kyle recovered from his misstep. “Um. The food! There are still the snacks in the back. I’ll be right back.”

Lucy collapses on the bed. This is all she really wants right now. Sleep has been her only friend lately, but Kyle is hoping for more. Back at the car, he shuffles through a few plastic bags in the back. He finds the new package of condoms he just got before the trip and slides them into his pocket.

“C’mon Kyle. Don’t slip up like that again or these were a complete waste of money,” Kyle says.

He combines the snacks into one bag and closes the hatchback. Realizing he needs to piss, Kyle sets the bag next to the car and goes to a nearby tree. A yellow stream flows.

“Whoa, Kyle. A little dehydrated.”

SWOOSH! A machete flies past a distant tree. SNAP! The blade clips a twig from another. CHOP! The weapon buries itself into the tree after slicing through Kyle’s neck. The urine stops flowing as Kyle’s body hits the ground in the pool of liquid waste. A brief moment later, his head hits the ground next to his body. THUMP, THUMP, THUMP! Footsteps approach as the machete-throwing assassin steps in the blood and urine mixture in which Kyle’s body lies. He plucks the machete from the tree. A few chips of wood fall onto Kyle as Jason turns and focuses on the cabin. It is fitting that Lucy just wants to sleep.

In the cabin, Lucy is just starting to drift. In her head, she sees her mom crying as she sits at a table. Lucy hasn’t been able to get that image out of her head since she left her at Blue Acres Rehabilitation Clinic. Lucy wondered if she made the right decision. After her mother tried to kill herself, and Lucy feeling the same, she felt it was her only choice. She couldn’t take care of her mom. Still, Lucy feels regretful for leaving her there. Maybe after this trip she can go see her and things will be better. Maybe they can go home and they can work on repairing their relationship which had been shredded over the past two years.

Lucy’s parents didn’t approve of Kyle when they started dating. In many ways, Kyle was perfect. He was a junior in college and quarterback on the football team. His grades were above average and he was set to take over his father’s company after college. Lucy’s father felt that Kyle was immature and her mother had a suspicion that he might be abusive. Her own past with a few boyfriends clouded her judgment of Kyle. Still, the young couple pushed past her parent’s objections.

Lucy’s father finally made peace with Kyle before he died. He was happy that Lucy was in love and Kyle had stepped up since graduating. He was more mature and had responsibilities. Lucy’s mom was still uneasy, but was growing more fond of Kyle recently. Unfortunately, that relationship won’t have the opportunity to strengthen since Kyle is now lifeless at the base of a tree where his urine is starting to dry.

DUBOOM! The door to the cabin flings open to reveal Jason standing in the doorway holding a bloody machete. Lucy springs from the bed, her head still slightly hazy.

“Holy shit! What the fuck are you?!” Lucy shouts.

Jason approaches her slowly, raising the machete above his head. He looks at her and paused his blade

Lucy says, “Go ahead. I’m ready to die.”

Lucy looks up at Jason. Through the holes in his hockey mask she can see tears forming in his eyes. She looks at this giant man wanting to slice her into pieces with a machete and she can only see the tears in his eyes. He must be holding back years of torment, regret, and rage. If killing her helps him, Lucy is okay with it. She prepares for the machete-man to take her out, but he stalls.

“Go ahead. It’s okay. I’m ready.”

Jason drops his arms to his side, dropping the machete to the floor. Lucy is in shock. She thought she would be dead by now. She looks at Jason with a look of both amazement and terror. Jason turns and leaves. After a few moments, Lucy sits down on the bed wondering what just happened. Then she remembered…

“Kyle!” Lucy shouts.

Lucy goes outside looking around to make sure Jason was gone and looking for Kyle.

“Kyle? Babe?”

Lucy slowly moves over to the car. Before she reaches the vehicle she sees her beau.