Business Rates
We offer a flat rate per minute service for our Business clients. Signing up for business gives your organization access to a virtual assistant at their fingertips. 
Reseller allows you to resell our services to your business clients and receive a 10% commission.
If you'd like to offer our services to your clients with your own branding, we can do that also, with our White Label program.
Virtual Office Services

White Label


White Label fee of $50 per month.

Clients over 10 team members get charged $.01 per minute per member.

Charge your customers whatever you want and keep the profit. 

Start now with no fee for the 1st month



You receive 10% Commission

Teams over 10 add $.01 per minute per member.

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For up to 10 Team members. 

Additional Team members add $.01 per minute per member.

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