You can use YoChuck services to help your business become more efficient, resell our services and take a commission, or you can offer your business clients a virtual assistant service without running it yourself. We white label our services, so you can brand your Virtual Services as whatever you want. We do the work, you get the credit. 

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Virtual Office Services
Advantages of using white label Virtual Office Services
  1. 24/7
    Our services never take time off so we are always available for your clients. Whether your business is a 9-5 or 24 hours. Emergencies happen, and schedules get pushed, so it is nice to know your clients can rely on YoChuck to always be there.
  2. Experience
    Because we only hire team members with office experience, your clients don't have to worry about giving us tasks we can't handle. Even if there is a task that is new to one of us, the power of the YoChuck network kicks in, allowing a more qualified team member to handle the situation.
  3. Save Money
    Your clients can get administrative services without having to hire temps or other staff members who get paid no matter what they actually do. YoChuck only charges for what we do and there is no added expense of food, insurance, or liability.
  4. Multitasking
    YoChuck is a network of assistants, not just one. That means we can accomplish multiple tasks at one time. That is the ultimate in multitasking capabilities. It is like having a large staff with a small budget. Your clients will love the efficiency.
  5. 1 for ALL
    Every department can use YoChuck at the same time. There is no need to assign a single Virtual Office Worker to a department. Every department just sends work to YoChuck, and we get it done.
  6. Guaranteed
    We understand that you have a lot riding on getting things done right. That's why we have our satisfaction guarantee. If a task isn't done to your satisfaction, you don't pay for it. In fact, we will put in the extra time, to get it right on our dime.

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