Film Crews are Family
Chuck Williams
Friday, August 18, 2017
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  1. 4 Tips for Making it in the Film Industry
    28 Aug, 2017
    4 Tips for Making it in the Film Industry
    Fatigue is NOT an Option Upon, entering the Motion Picture Industry I was aware of three things. One, to get noticed, I have to work hard. Two, be ready to work long hours. Three, stay proactive in obtaining work. No one will find it for you. What I wasn't told is I could work twelve to twenty-four hours. Production expects you to work at the same intensity regardless of the hours worked. There is no room for fatigue in the Motion Picture Industry.   While filming a TV show, the schedule called
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    20 Aug, 2017
    How to Accidentally be Impressive with Production Executives
    Sometimes bluffing works, and sometimes it doesn't. Working with Executive Producers I have found that most of the time I have managed to "fake it" well. Sometimes, however, it just doesn't work like I planned.