How to Accidentally be Impressive with Production Executives
Chuck Williams
Sunday, August 20, 2017
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  1. 4 Tips for Making it in the Film Industry
    28 Aug, 2017
    4 Tips for Making it in the Film Industry
    Fatigue is NOT an Option Upon, entering the Motion Picture Industry I was aware of three things. One, to get noticed, I have to work hard. Two, be ready to work long hours. Three, stay proactive in obtaining work. No one will find it for you. What I wasn't told is I could work twelve to twenty-four hours. Production expects you to work at the same intensity regardless of the hours worked. There is no room for fatigue in the Motion Picture Industry.   While filming a TV show, the schedule called
  2. Film Crews are Family
    18 Aug, 2017
    Film Crews are Family
    Any job requires co-workers to spend a good amount of time together. Often this means that personal life suffers. I’ve heard many people refer to a colleague as their work spouse, or their place of business as their second home. For film and television production crews, not only can set life be your only life, but the crew can be your family. Most jobs are based on eight hour days. Film productions are based on a twelve hour shoot day, which actually means a good part of the crew will be